Sundays in the park with weaves

I passed this weave when I was running through Grand Center on Sunday, and, sure enough, it was still there Monday morning. Alert Reader and glove fanatic Emilee shot a couple of photographs to share.

Spotted in Strauss Park, at the corner of Grand and Washington.


Hairy park

Lucas Park (aka Hobo Park) downtown has been a disgustingly hairy mess lately. About two weeks passed between the first time I saw this mess and the night I photographed it.

Drag droppings

This isn't so much a weave as it is a clump of hair and feathers. But it still applies.

Found outside the Grey Fox Pub at Spring and Potomac.


Escapee weave

Alert Reader Brendan shares this weave he spotted at the University City recycling center. So majestic.

From the mailbag

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing sone of the weaves that are ... ahem ... clogging my inbox. Like this one, spotted months ago in front of Lola, on 14th Street downtown, by Alert Reader and colleague Jackie.
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