Nashvegas weave

Generally, this site focuses on discarded weaves in St. Louis. But they truly are everywhere.

My friend Wendy found this colorful bit of hair in downtown Nashville last week and naturally thought of me. Thanks, Wendy!

Be like Wendy. Share your weaves.


Braids in the street

The final batch from the great weave harvest last week on North Tucker Boulevard, between Gay Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive:


More from last week's downtown haul

Here's Part 2 of my weave-hunting extravaganza last week, spotted on North Tucker Boulevard and Gay Street.

Incidentally, the hair is still there, nearly a week later. But it's resting in a puddle today. Sad face.


Purple weave, purple weave

After a while, regular hair-colored weaves get a little boring. That's why it's a nice diversion when someone loses a weave of a different color.

Alert Reader Evan (whose frequent-customer card is in the mail as we speak) spotted this lovely purple weave at 14th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive on Tuesday morning.

Don't be greedy. Share your weave sight-'ems with me.


Another weave at the $1.75 parking lot

After a weave-free weekend, my ship finally has come in. Tuesday morning, on my walk to work, I saw three separate weaves, all within about a block of each other.

Here's the first one, at North Tucker Boulevard and Gay Street. It's a location I've featured here before, but this is clearly a different specimen from last time.


This wig took the 7th Street exit

There's something symbolic about a discarded weave on an exit ramp, don't you think? Alert Reader Mike thought so. He shares this wig he found on the 7th Street exit ramp, off Interstate 55, I assume.


This weave's grip is amazing

More than a month ago, on Sept. 14, I shared this weave with you, on North Tucker Boulevard at Gay Street downtown.

Would you believe, more than a month later, it's still clinging to the pavement? True story. I've been monitoring it daily, but I wanted to wait until it had reached a worthy anniversary. (It's the journalist in me. WEAVE WATCH: ONE MONTH LATER.)


Middle-of-the-road weave: the deux

Remember yesterday's weave, from Gravois Avenue and Chippewa Street? I spotted this one no more than five minutes later, just across the intersection on Chippewa at Gravois

Forgive the poor lighting conditions. Apple hasn't yet invented an iPhone that's well suited for nighttime weave photography.


Middle-of-the-road weave

Friday evening was great for weave hunting. Within five minutes, I found two fine specimens. This one was sitting on the yellow paint on Gravois Avenue at Chippewa Street, in front of the QT

Look — you can even see my shadow in this first picture.

I'll show you the rest of Friday night's haul tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you see any weaves, share 'em with me.


Weaves love Target, too

On Saturday, I checked out the newly expanded and remodeled Target at the Brentwood Promenade. It's pretty fancy and has lots of fun features: an expanded grocery selection, futuristic shopping carts, discarded weaves ...

Have you seen any discarded hairpieces? Share them with me.


Get this weave to a hospital

A hospital — what is it?

A big building with patients, but that's not important because Alert Reader Brendan found this disgusting creature in the ER at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in the early-morning hours Oct. 2.

Found any weaves of your own? Send 'em to me.


Classy Grand Center weave

Three things struck me last night on my way to the Fox Theatre to see "The Phantom of the Opera":

  • A peek through the papered windows at Reggie's Backstage reveals that the venue doesn't appear to be reopening any time soon.
  • That sax player outside the theater is really mediocre.
  • This weave, which I had to poke with my foot:

It was in the grass at the Leon Strauss Memorial Park (Grand Avenue and Washington Boulevard), waiting to buy "Phantom" tickets from a scalper, I assume.


Raperville™ weave

Last week was a good week for reader submissions. Go, readers!

Here's one of my own, spotted on my walk to work Monday morning. I found it near the parking lot my coworkers and I affectionately refer to as Raperville, at 14th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. It's not my usual route to the office — I took a different way for the sole purpose of a weave sighting, and it paid off.


Haiku Monday: visit from a weave

Alert Reader Rick is quite the weave hunter — and poet! "Not sure why, but lost weaves seem to inspire haiku in me," he tells us. He spotted this one at 13th Street and Shenandoah Avenue.

Weave waits on my stoop
Did I not answer the door?
Weave torn out in rage?


New at Pier 1 Imports: weaves

Today's gem comes to us from Alert Reader Jason: "I thought this thing was going to bite me when I first noticed it," he says. He spotted it outside the Pier 1 Imports at 13939 New Halls Ferry Road in Florissant.

Nice hunting! Don't forget: If you see a weave, I want to see, too.


Tequila makes her weave fall off

It's about time I award Alert Reader Evan with some sort of frequent-contributor punch card or somesuch. He shared this photo on Sunday with much enthusiasm:

She was just chillin' outside the front door to Wave Taco (1335 Convention Plaza), looking for a margarita in all the wrong places.

Thanks, Evan! And don't forget to share your own sightings with me.


Tower Grove park is unbeWEAVEable

The Tower Grove neighborhood has been fertile ground for weave harvesting, but they're tricky to see because of all the grass.

Luckily eagle-eyed Evan (wave, Evan!) spotted these two clumps of hair within five feet of each other on Saturday.


Hazelwood weave

It was a big weekend for missing hair in the Lou.

Alert Reader Richard shares this wonderful weave sighting from Friday at Lynn Haven Lane and Lindbergh Boulevard in Hazelwood.

Have you seen a rogue hairpiece? Ask it to sit still so you can take its picture, and send it to me.


A Monday weave haiku

Alert Reader Rick shares this weave — and a haiku.

Tumble-weave drifts by
Doesn't she know she lost you?
At Berthold and Graham


More weaving in the intersection

Alert Reader Blythe spotted this, which appears to be a full wig, at the intersection of Jefferson and Park avenues yesterday morning on her way to work.

Nice hunting, Blythe!

Remember to send me your own weave shots, and I'll post 'em here.


OMG! Check us out on OMG Blog!

National acclaim, at last!

"Gabe at Girl, You Lost Your Weave is the Nan Goldin of abandoned hair," writes Bmad in a lovely post today at OMG Blog, one of our other favorite sites. We can't disagree.

Also, you can now access this blog with a shorter URL: girlyoulostyourweave.com. How exciting!

Excessive weaving on Gravois Avenue

What's that in the crosswalk at Gravois Avenue and Arsenal Street? I drove right over it on Sunday afternoon and had to circle back for a closer look.

Just as I suspected: a sad chunk of weave, all alone in the crosswalk at that busy intersection.

I want to see more sad weaves. Send me photos.


Check us out on Punching Kitty!

One of my favorite local blogs, Punching Kitty, wrote a nice piece about Girl, You Lost Your Weave today. Be sure to check it out.

Also, listen to KTRS (550 AM) at 1:25 p.m. today. I'll be chatting about weaves with Trish and John.

Anybody lose a wig at Grove Fest?

Alert Reader Rob spotted this wig, chillin' on a Post-Dispatch machine in front of the Post Office at 4120 Manchester Avenue, during Grove Fest over the weekend.

An amazing find. And amazing product placement!

Did you find a wig or weave? Share.


Why did Ronald McDonald's wig cross the road?

The thing people ask me the most when they see this blog is, "How do people lose their hair?" I guess sometimes it just falls out. But I honestly don't see how people are just losing whole wigs like this -- on the street!

This fantastic red wig was spotted by Alert Reader Bill at Gravois and Nebraska avenues in St. Louis. Thanks, Bill!

Be like Bill. Share your sightings with me.


Let the weave media blitz begin

My friend Kevin, master of all media, predicted it: This blog is gonna be big.

At 1:25 p.m. Tuesday, tune in to KTRS (550 AM — Redbirds baseball lives there) to hear me chat about St. Louis weaves with Trish Gazall and John Brown on "The Mindset."

If you don't have a radio, you can also listen to the broadcast on the Interwebs.

Tell your friends.


Yeti in the woods? No, just a wig in the bushes.

This isn't just a weave -- it's a full wig, spotted by Alert Reader Mike. He found it at Spring Avenue and Potomac Street in St. Louis, which, if my coordinates are correct, is the same intersection as a bar that features female impersonators.


Weed 'n' weave

Alert weave hunter Evan shares this from his morning walk to the office:

Found at 14th Street and Delmar Boulevard downtown. Thanks, Evan!

You can share your finds with me, too.


Beware: Many weaves look alike

Walking home from work last night, I had my mom on the phone. I was telling her, giddily, about my blog dedicated to the weave. She was amused.

Then: "Hold on, Mom — I see a weave." She gasped in disbelief.

I put her on hold, switched iPhone to camera mode, snapped a photo and resumed our conversation.

"What if you're just photographing the same one over and over?" she asked.

A valid concern. Valid, indeed.

Found on Washington Avenue between 14th and 15th streets.


Oprah wants your weave stories!

"Are you thinking about taking out your weave?" Oprah asks. If you are, let her know, and she may let you do it on TV.

Alert reader James brought this to my attention today, from Oprah.com:

Are you ready to go all natural? Do want to cut it all off? Are finally ready to stop coloring your hair? Are you sick of dying and highlighting? Are you ready to go back to your natural hair color? Are you ready to remove that weave? Is it time to embrace the gray? Are you sick of spending hundreds on your extensions? Are you sick of spending too much time and money at your hair salon? Do you think it will shave hours off of your life? Is your hair routine a weight that needs to be lifted? If going all natural is something you are ready to do then we want to hear from you. Tell us your hair story. Please only reply if you are comfortable with sharing your story on TV.

So a weave walks out of a bar ...

This weave looks pretty thirsty. My friend Evan spotted it this morning, right outside the Side Bar at 1317 Washington Ave., downtown.

It bears a slight resemblance to the autumn weave from a couple of days ago. Wouldn't it be something if it were the same clump of hair and had actually traveled those four blocks from the New Life Evangelistic Center over to the Side Bar, fully intact?! Oh, the stories it could tell.

Remember: If you see weaves, we want to see them, too.


Get weaves in your Twitterfeed!

We just created a Twitter account for Girl, You Lost Your Weave -- how exciting! That means you can get alerts every time there's a new weave sighting. Follow us: @LostYourWeave.

Not a Twitterer? You really should be.

Too much hair for one day

I had barely finished taking the previous two photos before I stumbled across these two fine specimens today, at North Tucker Boulevard and Gay Street downtown.

Two-part downtown weave

Yesterday, as I was enjoying the first-day success of this new blog venture, I wondered aloud if, now that I had a whole blog to sustain, the weave well in St. Louis would suddenly run dry.

Today I have renewed faith.

Behold, these discarded weaves, found within a few feet of each other at North Tucker Boulevard and Linden Street, one of my most fruitful locations for hair sightings.


Grocery-store weave

It's a big day for lost weaves, y'all. My friend Landon found this one — which is all knotted and gross — at the Schnucks at Grand and Gravois.

Don't forget to send me your weave snaps.

Punching Kitty's wig-trail sighting

Photo by Punching Kitty

Over on Punching Kitty, one of our favorite local blogs, there was a post a couple of weeks ago about a trail of wigs on Hampton Avenue, from Interstate 44 to the Target at Chippewa. Where'd they come from? We don't know. But pretty cool, eh?

From Punching Kitty:
Anyone lose some wigs on Hampton? If you did, that would really make this less of a mystery, but until you fess up, this is some weird crap right here.
According to our source there was an apparent trail of wigs going down Hampton Ave. in the area of the Target there at Chippewa.
Yes, we’ve considered that the furry objects could be something else other than wigs, but I don’t think tribbles are that dark and only I need a merkin that big, so we can’t think of what else they could be. Even if our source is wrong, and we really doubt that, would it make this story any less weird?

Alert-reader downtown weave

My friend and colleague Evan sent me this lovely weave he spotted today at Washington Avenue and Tucker Boulevard downtown.

Have you spotted any wayward weaves? I wanna see!

Autumn weave

Would Martha Stewart approve? This seasonal weave was spotted outside the New Life Evangelistic Center and would be the perfect harvest centerpiece for the holidays.

Sept. 12, 2009, at 1411 Locust St., downtown.

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