Presidential diversion yields weave

A few weeks ago, President Obama came to town, totally inconveniencing my grocery-shopping trip. On my walk home from Culinaria downtown, I had to go about four blocks out of my way because the police had a lot of streets blocked.

The upshot? I found this at 10th Street and Convention Plaza.

Thanks, Mr. President!

No glove. No love.

Enough about weaves for a second.

If you love our site, you'll love our new favorite thing on the Internet: Unrequited Gloves. It's a project by our friend Emilee, who's been collecting photos of rogue gloves at rock bottom for quite a while. The blog is new, but it's off to a great start. Who knew gloves had such drama?

Well done, Emilee. Girl, you lost your glove!


A weave in a ... diaper?

Yes, we're afraid so. Take it away, Alert Reader Lisa:

From the 7100 block of Dartmouth in University City. Sorry I didn't get an environmental shot. I was moving fast, losing the light and trying to explain to my mother why I was taking a pic of this! Keep up the good work!


Kim Zolciak hearts wigs, mannequin heads

Kim "Don't Be Tardy For The Party" Zolciak posted this TweetPhoto on Twitter yesterday.

We love fake hair, too, but we are disinclined to sleep with it. That's just creepy.


A weave spotted by a pro

My friend Hillary, who cuts my hair, had no idea I was the mastermind behind this site. When I told her — she was already a fan on Facebook — she was quite excited. A few days later, she shared with me her first weave sighting. Thanks, Hillary!


School board weave

My coworker Jackie rushed over to my desk with big news a few weeks ago: She'd spotted her first rogue weave, in front of the St. Louis board of education building at 11th Street and Martin Luther King Drive! And quite a spectacular one. A momentous occasion, to be sure.

Thanks, Jackie. Here's hoping you have many more fruitful weave hunts.


Windy City weave

This weave blew in earlier this month from Alert Reader Krista in Chicago. She writes:

I have been loving your site (and giggling) for a few weeks now. Yesterday, on the way to installing my art show, I saw this treasure next to the curb where my boyfriend parked his car. Because of you all, I felt compelled to shoot a picture of it. Thanks a lot for another new obsession. 

Thanks for thinking of us, Krista! Your new obsession will pay off.


Street barricades and rogue weaves

Enough about weaves for a second — isn't it time to do something about all these freakin' barricades on North Tucker Boulevard?

That said, here's my latest find from Weave Central downtown.


Raggedy weave on Tucker Boulevard

I spotted this lovely little weave (which looks like it was plucked directly from some gal's scalp!) at Tucker at Washington one morning before work. When I arrived at the office, a coworker said, "I saw you down the street taking a picture of that weave."

It's nice to be recognized in the community.


Doing our part to train weave hunters

Alert Reader Katie spotted this gem in an alley between Wise and Berthold avenues off Kingshighway. "If I wasn't a weave hunter in training I might have thought that scalping was still practiced in the great city of St. Louis," she says.


A reader weave from Oakland, Calif.

Alert Reader Erik in Oakland, Calif., shares this. I see it's shot from the passenger side of a car. You weren't driving, were you, Erik?


The key to downtown's weaves?

I've long suspected that the proximity of a wig store and an African braiding salon was fueling downtown's rogue-hair surplus. Perhaps clients are losing hair on their way in or out of these establishments. Or maybe their garbage bins aren't securely sealed.

Here — finally! — are pictures taken right outside the braiding place on Tucker.


RFT declares us one of 'St. Louis' must-read contributors to the blogosphere'!

Be sure to pick up a copy of the Riverfront Times -- or stop by their website -- this week. Girl, You Lost Your Weave was included in a roundup of the staff's 13 favorite local blogs. Yay!

Girl, You Lost Your Weave's Gabe Hartwig, photographed at his satellite office, the Gelateria Tavolini (Photo by Emily Good/RFT)

Thanks to RFT music editor Annie Zaleski for writing about us. And thanks to the rest of the RFT staff for pointing out some blogs we didn't know about.

Weaves across the street

Whenever I'm needing new material for this blog, the solution is simple: I take a different route to the office.

Usually, I walk on the west side of North Tucker Boulevard, but on this day I just crossed the street and walked on the east side. Voila: clumps of hair aplenty!


You keep me hangin' on

Funny how weaves can't stay on gals' heads, but they can hang around the streets forever. I spotted this one a month ago — before a ton of snow and rain — and it's still firmly in place at North Tucker Boulevard and Gay Street downtown.


Many weaves look alike

After a while — as the signs at baggage carousels remind us — many weaves look alike. Sometimes my recordkeeping isn't the best, and weaves get away from me.

Going through photos on my phone last week, I stumbled across these photos from who-knows-when. They were taken in front of the Shell station at North Tucker Boulevard and Convention Plaza.


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