More weaves. More fun.

I haven't been to Six Flags in a decade. But with all those roller coasters and upside-down rides, there's bound to be some lost hair lying around.

Alert Reader Chad found some.


This weave needs a doctor

Alert Readers Jenni and Shane write:

My friend Shane sent me this after hearing me talk up the site — he found this particular specimen on the Wash U. med school campus. We love gylyw.com and were so excited to find something to send in. Keep making us laugh with all the forlorn lost hair of St. Louis!

Thanks for sharing, you guys!


Weave not a spider after all

E-mail from Alert Readers makes me LOL.

Like this one from Joseph: "I found this on Forest Park Parkway outside BJC hospital. ... At first my friend suggested that it was a huge spider. Upon closer examination, the truth became clear. Enjoy."


Van Goghz' weave

Alert Reader Emilee comes through again: Here's a weave from outside Van Goghz Martini Bar, at Compton and Shenandoah avenues. It's always so convenient for me when the street sign is right there in the photograph.


Girl, your weave is so natural

Our girl Emilee (of Unrequited Gloves fame) struck weave gold with this one: a completely unnatural shade of purple on Park Avenue in Lafayette Square.


Drive-by weave

Alert Reader Lottie was super excited to share this North County weave with GYLYW. She and her sister spotted it on Redman Avenue between Old Halls Ferry Road and Highway 367 in North St. Louis County. Holler!


Unidentified lost weave

In all honesty, I have no idea where I found this thing. But it's safe to say it was downtown someplace. Pretty routine stuff.


Another WashAve weave

Another location that has become quite the hotbed of weave activity is the intersection of Tucker Boulevard and Washington Avenue. Not sure why — that location is a vacant storefront. But it's possible that beweaved gals are tossing bits of their hair from the car window while they sit at the stoplight.


Small but still important

This sad tangle of weave was dwarfed on the sidewalk under the towering Gateway Arch.


Parking for weaves only

These weaves caught my eye in the parking lot behind the New Life Evangelistic Center earlier this summer. They're certainly not from Larry Rice's (alleged) hairpiece. Zing!


Rogue weaves and their getaway car

Alert Reader Sean shares these weaves he found in the 5300 block of Wells Avenue in St. Louis. I love the one still on the hood of the car, which raises all sorts of questions.


Bolted-down weave

Fearing being sent back to her owner, this weave has a firm grip on North Tucker Boulevard.


A bridge to discarded wigs

Here's proof that, in the right hands, even the weirdest subject can be made into a beautifully composed image. My friend and colleague (and Alert Reader) David shares this lovely head of hair — sans head, of course — he spotted at Commercial and Biddle streets downtown. Which means that the bridge in the background is the Dr. Martin Luther King Bridge.

Thanks, David!

Lack of budget doesn't stop us from advertising

Lauren, a loyal friend of GYLYW, spotted our ad yesterday (amazing placement!) in Citilites Theatre's program for "Psychopathia Sexualis," playing now at the Kranzberg Arts Center in Grand Center.

If you also saw our ad, please leave a comment below to let us know — especially if you're a first-time visitor!

North County, represent!

Many sorries for the sporadic nature of my updates lately, but lost weaves don't pay the bills, you know what I'm sayin'? I've got a ton of reader submissions, plus a ton of my own sightings to get posted, so let's begin.

Alert Reader Jamie shared with us photos of three weave sightings she had on a walk from Dellwood, Mo., to her home in Florissant, Mo. I'm not well versed in North County geography, but Google says that's roughly a 1 1/2-hour walk.

Exhibit A: Hereford Avenue and Nancy Place in Florissant, Mo.

Exhibit B: Florissant Road and Interstate 270 in Florissant, Mo.

Exhibit C: Florissant Road and Frost Avenue in Florissant, Mo.

Thanks for sharing, Jamie!


Lost weave a testament to city cleanliness

I'm excited to announce that the same weave that made its first appearance on this site in February (and a second in April) is still firmly in place at Tucker Boulevard and Gay Street downtown.

Rain, snow, wind, heat — she's been through so much!
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