Blonde locks from Chicago

Lots of Chicago hair has drifted in here lately. Here's a wispy, blonde pile from Sheila.


North and South and Delmar and Weave

We've seen a lot of unnatural colors here at GYLYW lately. Here's a weave of a different color, spotted by Alert Reader Matt at Delmar Boulevard and ridiculously named North and South Road.


Scurrying Taco Bell weave

Alert Reader Karl thought he saw a rat scurrying across the Taco Bell parking lot downtown.

Nope — just some hair.

Thanks, Karl!


The Greatest Thing We've Ever Seen

Often, photos of weaves are completely without context. But not this one. Nosiree.

Spotted by Alert Reader Jenn, whom I cannot thank enough, on California Avenue.


Distinctive (but not distinguished) rogue weave

Many weaves look alike, which makes them virtually indistinguishable from one another. But this one is a real gem, submitted by my colleague Carlos. He found it at Watson Road and Landsdowne Avenue.


Blockbuster weave

Thanks to Alert Readers Lacey and Shelby for providing us with our first Kansas City weave! Spotted at the Westport Blockbuster. (Obvs follow-up: What the heck were you doing at a Blockbuster?)


New to the farmers market: weaves

"On a tip about ripe melons, she was on her way to the farmers market at Tower Grove Park," says GYLYW friend and Alert Reader Evan of this beautiful specimen.

I wonder if she made it to the melons?


Dead cat or weave?

"I thought it was a dead cat, until I got a little closer," says Alert Reader Paul of this horrifying weave (wig?) he spotted in the Wentzville Heights subdivision on Plaza Place in Wentzville.


Horrible U-City weave in the sunset

This weave did its owner a huge favor by jumping ship. And Alert Reader Andrew did us a huge favor by photographing it in University City. Thanks!


ZOMG! An Olivette weave!

The best part of running this site is definitely the reader mail. Mary Ann writes:

"My daughters spotted this weave in the parking lot outside of Vantage Credit Union in the shopping center at Olive & Price in Olivette. I immediately squealed with delight because I've been a fan of your site for a while now, and I was always wishing I had something to submit. My kids thought I was nuts when I yelled to take a picture of it ... but whatevs, hey, some girl lost her weave, sending a pic of it to you guys is just the right thing to do. 
Here are 2 shots of the aforementioned weave... I included the 1 with my daughter just cuz I thought it was funny. She's all, 'ZOMG! A weave!!' ...  I do hope you use the picture of the weave by itself. It would make me feel like a minor celebrity :)"

Mary Ann did, indeed, include a totes adorbs pic of her daughter with the weave, but I'm honoring her request not to post it. If I ever need a postergirl for GYLYW, though, I'll give her a call.

Thanks, girls!


Beautiful weave, beautiful pose

Due to shoddy recordkeeping, I can't tell you who sent this weave or where it's from. But it's totes glamorous and graceful, yes?


Another Windy City weave

Let's take a moment, as we do from time to time, to visit some discarded weaves from other places. Alert Reader Nathan shares this one he found on Chicago Avenue in Chicago. Thanks, Nathan!


Girl, your train is here

Now here's a weave with some character! Alert Reader Yaunah found it on the MetroLink platform in the Central West End.


Dead poodle or weave?

From Alert Reader Jeff, spotted at Tucker Boulevard and Park Avenue:

"At first I was worried about the poodle that got hit by a car. Then I worried about the poor bald sister somewhere."


Proud weave

Alert Reader Lauren spotted this rogue weave during PrideFest in Tower Grove Park. Thanks, Lauren!


Lunchtime weave

My colleague Jackie shares this weave she found outside Lola on 14th Street. Thanks, Jackie!

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