Errant weave at a class reunion

Alert Reader Norma shares this weave that made an appearance at her high-school reunion. It's a little blurry -- I'm not convinced it's not a snake.

Here is a picture of some weave-gone-wrong from my 20-year class reunion in Breese, Ill. I was having a little too much fun to notice it, but luckily my alert friends noticed it and took a picture. There was much speculation about who the weave belonged to, but no one stepped forward to claim it. So there you have it: an errant weave at a class reunion.

And here's one of Norma's friends holding the weave -- a practice I absolutely do not endorse.


OMK! A shameless blog crossover

We're very privileged today to have a weave sighting from Kevin, mayor of Fort Lauderdale's A1A and proprietor of such online hotspots as ohmykevin.com and overheardinthenewsroom.com. He found this horrible wig on a recent visit to St. Louis.

"Looks like it's been working overtime," he says.

Thanks, Kevin. I hope you didn't touch that thing.


Roadkill or street weave?

I'm not convinced this isn't a dead cat, but Alert Reader Mike claims it's a weave. He's got a finely tuned eye, so I'll take his word for it. He spotted this in November at Gravois Avenue and Arsenal Street in St. Louis.


San Francisco has rogue weaves, too

A few months ago, I got an e-mail from Leena in San Francisco, who tells me she's a weave hunter, too.

She even shared some photos from her collection. Nice hunting, Leena!


Drive-by Kmart weave

Alert reader Rex shares this weave, spotted in the parking lot at Kmart in North St. Louis County. Thanks!


Amid the dirty snow, a dirty weave

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Spotted at Washington Avenue and 14th Street.


Bar-hopping downtown weave

I can only assume this weave stumbled out of MoBar and collapsed here in the street after unsuccessfully locating its car.


Sorry, this parking space is taken

Um, I'm pretty sure space No. 178 is rented to someone else.

Spotted in November in my parking garage downtown.


The weaves on the bus

I spotted this lovely hairpiece (it could double nicely as a mustache, no?) last month, a little before Christmas, in the MetroBus stop at Washington Avenue and 14th Street.


Hey, kids — join us on the Facebook

After a hiatus of far too long, we're back in action, documenting lost and found weaves of the Lou. And now, it's even easier for you to interact with GYLYW: In addition to following us on Twitter at @LostYourWeave, you can be our fan on Facebook.

Tell your friends!

An apology — and a weave explosion!

I've been remiss. I know.

I haven't posted anything to this site since Oct. 28. I've been spotting weaves, and you've been sending them, but I've been a lazy blogger.

Many sorries.

Now that the awkwardness is out of the way, check out this mess o' hair I passed — all at Tucker Boulevard and Gay Street — on my way to work Tuesday morning.

Part 1:

Part 2:

And Part 3:

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