A weave can't be far from this mess

Girl, you lost your bobby pins. Sadly, no hair was found in the vicinity. On Washington Avenue.


We're in the news again

Our friend Debra Bass, fashion editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, wrote a little something about us in her blog today:

What the heck is going on? People spend good money to get this hair attached to their heads, you’d think that they wouldn’t be so willy nilly in disregarding it. Does it just shed like fall leaves? Or are we missing random cat fights in which hair is being torn from skulls. No matter, if you’ve noticed the trend or just need to look at it for yourself, head to girlyoulostyourweave.com. 

Thanks, Debra!


It's like a weave, only not

Alert Reader Katie writes:

I recently introduced my mother to your weave-hunting blog, and she insisted that this should count. She works at a family practice clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., and not only has had many weave encounters outside of work, but has spotted a vast number actually within her office building. At first sight she thought this particular find was a large spider. Another co-worker believed it to be one of those fuzzy caterpillars. But no — it's just rogue fake eyelashes, cast aside like, dare I say, a weave.


This is one sassy weave!

Typically, the weaves we feature on this site are preowned. But this one is really something special: a Sassy weave, still in its original packaging. I'd say it lives up to its name.

Thanks to Alert Reader Will for sharing! I wonder if it was on its way into that Dumpster. Or perhaps it was on its way out. Found in an alley in the Tower Grove neighborhood.


Tyra will lose her weave for 'ANTM' next season

Girl, you lost your weave! Tyra Banks of "America's Next Top Model." (Photo by the CW)

The Huffington Post reports:
Supermodel and "America's Next Top Model" host Tyra Banks will reportedly be leaving her weave behind, rocking her own hair on the show's next season, according to The Cut. Jay Manuel said that during the filming, Tyra "wasn't wearing any kind of weave pieces. She's got her own natural hair. She's still got a lot — she's still got her makeup on and she's still Tyra. But it's kind of more that French sophistication as opposed to that kind of Tyra-fied look."


Tardy for the Mardi Gras party

This poor girl never made it to Mardi Gras last weekend. Alert Reader Evan spotted her at 16th Street and Delmar Boulevard on Saturday.

Girl, someone stole your weave

Wig party! Kim Kolciak of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta," only tangentially related to this post. (Photo by Bravo)

Anyone who's ever seen any episode of any "Real Housewives" knows: Weaves ain't cheap. I've never purchased one, but I imagine weave retailers (or — ick! — resellers) keep a pretty close eye on 'em in the store.

But every once in a while, somebody steals your weave.

The Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise reports:

A businesswoman was caught in a hairy situation Sunday afternoon as two young women punched her while stealing hair extensions.
Orange police Officer J.E. Baggett reported a 56-year-old woman working at the Strickland Drive Washateria was selling four hair weaves to two women. But the customers grabbed the fake hair and tried to leave without paying for them.
The saleswoman struggled to keep the hair and the other two women punched her, Baggett reported. The two women ran out with one 10-inch Ikon hair weave worth $20, and a 12-inch Ikon hair weave worth $25.


Cincinnati weave

Alert Reader Susan writes:

My friends and I are big fans of your website. I'm a St. Louisan, and I was visiting my friends Steven and Doug, who are former St. Louisans, in their new city of Cincinnati. We watch for weaves in every city and we spotted this weave on the street in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati. I yelled and Doug turned around and pulled over so that I could snap this photo out of the car window. Hope you like it!

I admire Susan's dedication. Pulling over is exactly what I would have done.


This weave is travelin' through

Was it departing? Arriving? Whichever, Alert Reader Seth spotted this weave at the Central West End MetroLink station.


A weave of a different color

Clumps of average, everyday hair on the streets of St. Louis are a dime a dozen. But a gem like this one, at 10th and St. Charles streets, is priceless.


A weave in a haystack

They're tough to spot, but Alert Reader Evan has a good eye. He found this mess at 14th Street and Delmar downtown.


You want fries with that weave?

I love it when a found weave has a good backstory.

Alert Reader Malcolm, of Richmond, Va., found our site and was inspired to share a weave — and a story!
I spotted this horrendous sight in Richmond, Va., in the Shockoe Bottom section of town, which is where all the wannabe ballers and women who court them flock on Saturday nights. I spotted this depressing and confusing scene on the way to work one day and took a picture: I am overjoyed that it will yield some purpose after all. As for the actual photo my suspicion is that, after the club, our tipsy heroine decided to have a snack and her head began to itch furiously and suddenly. Overcome and a bit frantic, she ripped out her extensions in a bit to find some sort of balm. In the process, she dropped some fries. Either that, or somebody smacked the shit out of her.


A weave-y welcome to the Lou

Stray weaves aren't specific to St. Louis — as my reader mail indicates, there are sightings all across the United States. They just happen to occur a little more frequently here.

Alert Reader Katie writes:

Six months ago I moved to St. Louis and immediately noticed the ample amount of weave that seemed to be wandering the streets like stray animals. Here's one specimen I was able to capture Sunday, Jan. 31, off Delmar in the Loop. 


Homesick for weaves

Alert Reader Emily, a native of St. Louis, writes:

I moved away from St. Louis in '08. I felt a little pang of homesickness when I saw this weave the other day, near Devon and Clark in Chicago. Much love, GYLYW.


Petite Central West End weave

Alert Reader Emilee took a break from hunting photos of abandoned gloves to share this weave from the Central West End. So petite!

Thanks, Emilee!


Hazy Manchester weave

One of these days, Apple will figure out how to add a flash to the iPhone. But in the meantime, we'll take Alert Reader Michael's word that this is the weave he spotted at Manchester and Boyle avenues. (He's a reporter, so we believe him.)

Thanks, Michael!


Afterparty weave

This weave either had a rough night at the afterparty or never made the cut for admission into the afterparty. Either way, it looks like it had a rough night. Spotted on Washington Avenue downtown.


Downtown's magical weave sanctuary

I think it's time the intersection of North Tucker Boulevard and Gay Street downtown was declared a federal weave sanctuary or something. It almost never fails to produce. I credit its proximity to a wig shop and an African braiding salon.


This little weave went to the market

The new(ish) Schnucks at Loughborough Marketplace is really quite fabulous. But nothing brings down the class factor quite as swiftly as a big chunk of hair on the floor. Alert Reader Emilee (who has quite a collection of photos of abandoned gloves, we happen to know) captured this gem:

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