You want fries with that weave?

I love it when a found weave has a good backstory.

Alert Reader Malcolm, of Richmond, Va., found our site and was inspired to share a weave — and a story!
I spotted this horrendous sight in Richmond, Va., in the Shockoe Bottom section of town, which is where all the wannabe ballers and women who court them flock on Saturday nights. I spotted this depressing and confusing scene on the way to work one day and took a picture: I am overjoyed that it will yield some purpose after all. As for the actual photo my suspicion is that, after the club, our tipsy heroine decided to have a snack and her head began to itch furiously and suddenly. Overcome and a bit frantic, she ripped out her extensions in a bit to find some sort of balm. In the process, she dropped some fries. Either that, or somebody smacked the shit out of her.

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