Weave escapes to Canada

Spotted by Alert Reader Ken at the Peace Bridge border crossing in Buffalo, NY. This hair either drifted onto the barbed wire on its own or got snagged while someone tried to escape to Canada.


Weave outside Chaifetz Arena

Alert Reader Will shares:

I found these bits of dread weave along Compton outside SLU's Chaifetz Arena. Perhaps some girl realized her weave was uncouth as she approached the arena for commencement.


Another Windy City weave

Alert Reader Jason sends this weave from the Windy City.

"So glad I found one!" Jason says. So are we!


Delicious food and a horrible weave

Oooh, girl. You lost your weave outside the Buttery on South Grand.

Spotted by Alert Reader Donnie. Thanks!



Girl, you lost your 'fro

"Not a weave, but I spotted this fro a couple of Saturdays ago near TGP," writes Alert Reader Adam.

It's definitely not a weave, but we love it anyway! Thanks!


St. Cecilia's wayward weave

Those Friday fish-fry lines can get pretty hairy. Just ask this weave, spotted by Alert Reader Sarah outside St. Cecilia's Catholic Church on Louisiana Avenue.

Sarah sent photos of a few other weaves elsewhere in the city. We'll see those in the next few days. Thanks, Sarah!


Harry's gets hairy

A few weekends ago, this gigantic weave was waiting for us outside Harry's Bar & Grill on Southwest Avenue on the Hill.

After lunch — nearly two hours later — the weave had crossed Southwest Avenue, making its way within just a few feet of Harry's front door.

This weave had already demonstrated its quickness and superpowers (flying?), so we approached it cautiously. Here, our friend Aaron inches closer to his car so as not to anger the weave.  


Chinese food with a side of weave

Another messy weave explosion on North Tucker Boulevard — this one in front of Chinese Express.


School, weaves out for summer

An anonymous Alert Reader shares:

I found it outside the elementary school where I mentor. Some kid picked it up and tore it in half, but you should have seen it before that. It was a big, beautiful, tragic weave.


Another weave on North Tucker Boulevard

We've come to a horrible realization: When North Tucker Boulevard is closed for demolition and reconstruction, weave hunting could suffer. What will become of all those weaves that presently find their way to Tucker? Will another part of the city emerge as the new Weave Hotspot?

Only time will tell.

Until then, enjoy this run-of-the-mill weave from North Tucker.


Video: how a weave becomes lost

Now we have a much clearer understanding of how all these weaves end up homeless.

Thanks to @ohmykevin of Overheard in the Newsroom for the tip.

Loop weave, times 3

We love a good weave photo essay. This one is brought to you by an Alert Reader who shares on condition of anonymity.

In picture 3, you can see an entire wig was ripped off and then a fight ensued, where you can see a trail of weave carnage leading up to the gas station. This is from the Shell station at Skinker-Delmar. It is the result of five ladies — if you want to call them ladies — getting into a fight. Hope you like it.

Yes, we like.


Disgusting things used to clean up BP's disgusting mess

Photo by Inhabitat

Alert Reader Dustin shares this from Inhabitat:

Matter of Trust, a San Franscisco non-profit devoted to “mimick[ing] how Mother Nature integrates enduring cycles and provides access to necessities in abundance” is asking pet owners and groomers to gather up their tufts of Fido’s fur that would normally be picked off of clothing and throw away to send them in to be made into oil-busting mats.


In addition to dog and cat hair, thousands of pounds of human hair and pantyhose (other components that are used to make the oil-sucking hairmats and booms) have been sent into the non-profit from all around the world.

Ratty mess on Delmar

Alert Reader Evan spotted this lovely specimen — "a weave and a rat tail, all in one" — on Delmar just west of 14th Street.

More weave sightings: Weave All About It!


When we started this site last year, we thought we were being so clever. Who else would ever think to start a site devoted to photos of misplaced weaves? we thought.

These guys. 

Over the weekend, we got an e-mail from the guys at Weave All About It!, a tumblr site that documents weaves found in the Richmond, Va., area. If our math is correct (and it likely is not), our sites began around the same time last year.

I had a similar experience my first semester of college in Richmond. I would see weaves or strands of weave all around the city and so I decided to document my findings. ... I ran into your blog today because I typed in "street weave" on Google just to see what would come up.

So there you have it: Rogue weaves are not unique to St. Louis. Next thing you know, somebody's gonna bust our bubble about toasted ravioli.

BTW, one of our Favorite Submissions Ever came to us from Richmond. 

Girl in 'booty shorts' steals a wig

We're loving this story, from ARLnow.com, about a stolen $17 wig. 

It's only $17! We aren't advocating theft, but seriously — not go for something better next time?

Police are looking for a a 6'2" transsexual who ran from a South Arlington beauty store with a pilfered wig, hopped into a car and sped off onto Columbia Pike.
Usman Minayar, manager of the Crystal Beauty store on South Edgewood Street, said the suspect tried to stealthily put the $17 ten inch honey blond wig in a purse while her friend, a local stripper, distracted him.
When Minayar saw what was going on, the suspect made a mad dash for the door. He didn’t try to stop her.
“I was a bit scared… [s]he’s a big guy… [s]he might knock me down, you know.”
The suspect was wearing a black shirt, a bandana and “booty shorts” at the time of the theft, Minayar said.
He said he’s confused by the theft because both the transsexual woman and the stripper, a biological female, have bought items at the store before.
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