Girl in 'booty shorts' steals a wig

We're loving this story, from ARLnow.com, about a stolen $17 wig. 

It's only $17! We aren't advocating theft, but seriously — not go for something better next time?

Police are looking for a a 6'2" transsexual who ran from a South Arlington beauty store with a pilfered wig, hopped into a car and sped off onto Columbia Pike.
Usman Minayar, manager of the Crystal Beauty store on South Edgewood Street, said the suspect tried to stealthily put the $17 ten inch honey blond wig in a purse while her friend, a local stripper, distracted him.
When Minayar saw what was going on, the suspect made a mad dash for the door. He didn’t try to stop her.
“I was a bit scared… [s]he’s a big guy… [s]he might knock me down, you know.”
The suspect was wearing a black shirt, a bandana and “booty shorts” at the time of the theft, Minayar said.
He said he’s confused by the theft because both the transsexual woman and the stripper, a biological female, have bought items at the store before.

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