More weave sightings: Weave All About It!


When we started this site last year, we thought we were being so clever. Who else would ever think to start a site devoted to photos of misplaced weaves? we thought.

These guys. 

Over the weekend, we got an e-mail from the guys at Weave All About It!, a tumblr site that documents weaves found in the Richmond, Va., area. If our math is correct (and it likely is not), our sites began around the same time last year.

I had a similar experience my first semester of college in Richmond. I would see weaves or strands of weave all around the city and so I decided to document my findings. ... I ran into your blog today because I typed in "street weave" on Google just to see what would come up.

So there you have it: Rogue weaves are not unique to St. Louis. Next thing you know, somebody's gonna bust our bubble about toasted ravioli.

BTW, one of our Favorite Submissions Ever came to us from Richmond. 

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