Old weave friends

This weave at Tucker and Gay Street wins the award for Most Appearances on this Blog. She's still hanging on!


Weave parking only

As weary as I am of all these horrible barricades on North Tucker Boulevard, I appreciate their usefulness in keeping the rogue weaves contained and safe from traffic. I also appreciate that this weave appears to be enjoying a cigarette.


Scottrade Center weave

For a venue that seats 19,000 people, we'd be surprised if this was the only weave chilling at Scottrade Center. We've been there; we've seen the bad hair.


Carondelet weave

Again: This weave is so thirsty. If it looked like this while it was attached to somebody's head, then it's in everybody's best interest that it's not there anymore.

From Alert Reader Emily, spotted in the Carondelet neighborhood.


Thirsty CWE weave

Alert Reader Emily, the dog walker whose finds we've been enjoying the past few days, spotted this mess in the Central West End. Girl, this weave looks like it hasn't had a drink since Prohibition.


Weave from the CWE

Alert Reader Emily is a dog walker who says she finds rogue weaves all over St. Louis. A couple of weeks ago, she flooded our inbox with a ton of great finds. We'll share some of her haul with you over the next few days. Thanks for sharing, Emily!

This one is from the Central West End.


Rastafarian weave

When this photo arrived in my e-mail, I laughed and laughed. It's not technically a weave — it's more like a novelty hat with hair. Still a pretty terrific find, no?

Spotted by Alert Reader Marcy at Loughborough Avenue and Morgan Ford Road in St. Louis.


We *heart* NY weaves

"If your weave can't make it here, it can't make it anywhere," writes STL expat Gretchen, who spotted this weave at 46th Street between 5th and Madison avenues in New York City. Love it!


A dog and his weave

"I'm not 100 percent sure, but this appears to be an East Nasty dog-walking weave," my friend (and Alert Reader) Heidi wrote from Nashville, Tenn. I'd say she's 100 percent correct.

Also, this photo features Stewie, one of my favorite dogs.



Is it just us, or does this weave look like a lasso held by an invisible cowboy? Maybe if you squint.

Spotted in Tower Grove Park by Alert Reader Joshua. Thanks!


Cigs — check. Corn cob — check. Weave — check.

Not only is this a great-looking weave, but it's inside a concrete barricade and accompanied by a bunch of really weird, random stuff. Cigarettes, bottled water, a newspaper, a corn cob — the accessories totally make this one.

Found in Soulard by Alert Readers Cliff and Lisa. Thanks!


Weaves never yield to oncoming traffic

Alert Reader Will shares:
A friend and I discovered this gem in the middle of Connecticut Street along South Grand while on our way to lunch. We paused and held up some oncoming traffic in order to share it with your blog, ergo the planet Earth. It looks rather like a jellyfish swimming for freedom in the asphalt sea, don't you think?


Weave takes a Holiday

I was at the Holiday Inn Select (9th Street and Convention Plaza) downtown for a meeting a few weeks ago, and I spotted this clump of hair outside. After much squinting, prodding and deliberation, my colleague Evan and I decided that it was, in fact, a weave. Third one that day!


Washington Avenue weave

Every time I walk past Wasabi on Washington Avenue, I do a double-take at the rug at the front door. It looks like there's a giant weave stuck to it. Take a look next time you're there.

Today, just a few steps from Wasabi's weave tease, I spotted this real one:


Put on your Easter weave

Easter was yesterday, but we can all still enjoy this today.

We don't know who this gal is, or where she is (though she appears to be at a McDonald's somewhere). But we do know that she's wearin' a sweet Easter weave. Thanks to Alert Reader Diane for sharing. (via Sh*t That Makes Me Happy)

It reminds us a little of this telephone-shaped hairpiece in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video. If Gaga ever lost that we've, we'd totes pick it up and wear it.


Globe-Democrat weave

The St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper was shuttered years ago, but its massive building remains on North Tucker Boulevard downtown, now housing a parking garage, a wig shop, an African braiding salon, a dry cleaner, a Boost mobile dealer and some other non-newspapery ventures.

Also: weaves!


A Foxy Grand Center weave

Look what Alert Reader Emilee found: a weave across the street from the Fabulous Fox Theatre, on Washington Avenue. I hope the weave had the courtesy to wait until after the show to jump off the gal's head.

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