Girl, someone stole your weave

Wig party! Kim Kolciak of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta," only tangentially related to this post. (Photo by Bravo)

Anyone who's ever seen any episode of any "Real Housewives" knows: Weaves ain't cheap. I've never purchased one, but I imagine weave retailers (or — ick! — resellers) keep a pretty close eye on 'em in the store.

But every once in a while, somebody steals your weave.

The Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise reports:

A businesswoman was caught in a hairy situation Sunday afternoon as two young women punched her while stealing hair extensions.
Orange police Officer J.E. Baggett reported a 56-year-old woman working at the Strickland Drive Washateria was selling four hair weaves to two women. But the customers grabbed the fake hair and tried to leave without paying for them.
The saleswoman struggled to keep the hair and the other two women punched her, Baggett reported. The two women ran out with one 10-inch Ikon hair weave worth $20, and a 12-inch Ikon hair weave worth $25.

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