ZOMG! An Olivette weave!

The best part of running this site is definitely the reader mail. Mary Ann writes:

"My daughters spotted this weave in the parking lot outside of Vantage Credit Union in the shopping center at Olive & Price in Olivette. I immediately squealed with delight because I've been a fan of your site for a while now, and I was always wishing I had something to submit. My kids thought I was nuts when I yelled to take a picture of it ... but whatevs, hey, some girl lost her weave, sending a pic of it to you guys is just the right thing to do. 
Here are 2 shots of the aforementioned weave... I included the 1 with my daughter just cuz I thought it was funny. She's all, 'ZOMG! A weave!!' ...  I do hope you use the picture of the weave by itself. It would make me feel like a minor celebrity :)"

Mary Ann did, indeed, include a totes adorbs pic of her daughter with the weave, but I'm honoring her request not to post it. If I ever need a postergirl for GYLYW, though, I'll give her a call.

Thanks, girls!

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