North County, represent!

Many sorries for the sporadic nature of my updates lately, but lost weaves don't pay the bills, you know what I'm sayin'? I've got a ton of reader submissions, plus a ton of my own sightings to get posted, so let's begin.

Alert Reader Jamie shared with us photos of three weave sightings she had on a walk from Dellwood, Mo., to her home in Florissant, Mo. I'm not well versed in North County geography, but Google says that's roughly a 1 1/2-hour walk.

Exhibit A: Hereford Avenue and Nancy Place in Florissant, Mo.

Exhibit B: Florissant Road and Interstate 270 in Florissant, Mo.

Exhibit C: Florissant Road and Frost Avenue in Florissant, Mo.

Thanks for sharing, Jamie!

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